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  • Financial Empowerment: Personal Finance for Indigenous and Non-Indigenous People 

    Schneider, Bettina (University of Regina Press, 2018-09)
    Financial Empowerment is an adaptation of the openly licensed textbook Personal Finance, v. 1.0 which was adapted by Saylor Academy under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercialShareAlike 3.0 License without attribution ...
  • Cree: Language of the Plains / nēhiyawēwin: paskwāwi-pīkiskwēwin 

    Okimāsis, Jean L. (University of Regina Press, 2018-09)
    Cree: Language of the Plains is a comprehensive educational resource, offering a broad range of learning materials that is easily accessible to Cree language learners. This collection includes an updated and redesigned ...
  • Leadership and Influencing Change in Nursing 

    Willcox, Amanda; Sutherland Boal, Anne; de Padua, Anthony; Balaski, Beverly; Ens, Brendalynn; Toye, Colleen R.; Wagner, Joan; Boychuk Duchscher, Judy; Racine, Louise; Little, Lisa; MacPhee, Maura; Rabbitskin, Norma; Davies, Shauna; Muller, Stacy; Bazylewski, Susan; Udod, Sonia; Whitebear, Wendy; Harris, Yvonne (University of Regina Press, 2018-06)
    Leadership and Influencing Change in Nursing is designed for a single-semester introduction to the professional nurse’s leadership role as both a care provider and a formal leader. Nursing students will take this course ...
  • Free Knowledge 

    Kneen, Brewster; Elliot, Patricia W.; Hepting, Daryl H.; Westheimer, Joel; Mahood, Sally; Schafer, Arthur; Polster, Claire; Diamantopoulos, Mitch; van der Zon, Marian; Barreno, Leonzo; Younging, Gregory; Anderson, Jane; Farley, Joshua; Kubiszewski, Ida; Verzola, Roberto; Bone, Doug; Morrison, Heather (University of Regina Press, 2015)
    Broadly speaking, this collection looks at the question of knowledge: how it is generated and shared, and to what purpose. This includes both applied knowledge and what contributor Arthur Schafer refers to as “knowledge ...
  • Dissident Knowledge in Higher Education 

    Battiste, Marie; Chomsky, Noam; Denzin, Norman K.; Fine, Michelle; Gill, Rosalind; Grande, Sandy; Hall, Budd L.; Lather, Patti; Leonardo, Zeus; Lincoln, Yvonne S.; McLaren, Peter; McNinch, James; Meyers, Christopher; Smith, Linda Tuhiwai; Spooner, Marc; Tuck, Eve; Weistheimer, Joel (University of Regina Press, 2018)
    I submitted this foreword to Marc Spooner and James McNinch on January 20, 2017, or “j20” to some, as President-Elect Trump was sworn in as the forty-fifth president of the United States amid nationwide protests. The world ...