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    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 1 December 2002 

      Peykov, Pavel (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2002-12)
      Choice in Automobile Insurance: Tort vs. No Fault Coverage
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 2 June 2003 

      Peykov, Pavel (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2003-06)
      Information Management and Privacy Rights: Are we Adequately Protected Against Intrusion in Our Lives?
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 3 September 2003 

      Brothen, Randy; Peach, Ian (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2003-09)
      The Art of the Possible: The Interpersonal Dimension of Policy-Making in the Case of the Northern Development Accord
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 4 October 2003 

      Peach, Ian (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2003-10)
      Filling the Empty Vessel: Defining the Mandate and Structure of a Council of the Federation
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 5 December 2003 

      Peykov, Pavel (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2003-12)
      The Challenge of Compliance: Privacy Protection in the Private Sector
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 6 January 2004 

      Durst, Doug; Bluechardt, Mary (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2004-01)
      Aboriginal People with Disabilities: A Vacuum in Public Policy
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 7 May 2004 

      Peykov, Pavel (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2004-05)
      Final Destination or a Stopover: Attracting Immigrants to Saskatchewan
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 8 September 2004 

      Stokes, Janice (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2004-09)
      More Than Bricks and Mortar: The Consequences of Poor Housing Conditions in Regina's Aboriginal Community
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 9 February 2005 

      Anderson, Robert B. (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2005-02)
      Aboriginal Economic Development in the New Economy
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 10 April 2005 

      Arnal, William; Green, Joyce; Juschka, Darlene; Merrett, James (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2005-04)
      Not in Polite Company Religious and Political Discursive Formations on Same-Sex Marriage
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 11 May 2005 

      Brittain, James J. (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2005-05)
      The Consequential Effects of Canadian Immigration Policy and Anti-Terror Legislation on Colombian Refugees
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 12 September 2005 

      Audas, Rick; Chafe, Roger (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2005-09)
      EMPLOYMENT INSURANCE One Size Does Not Fit All
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 13 November 2005 

      MacLean, Barbara; Racicot, Brittany; Gummeson, Beki; Jungwirth, Dan; Canham, Robin (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2005-11)
      Insight for the Future: Saskatchewan’s Youth Share Their Thoughts
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 14 May 2006 

      Short, Peter; Bisson, Peter; Shadia, Drury (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2006-05)
      Religion is About Life Religious and Political Discursive on the Role of Faith in Politics
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 15 July 2006 

      Whyte, John D.; Leifso, Justin (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2006-07)
      COMING TO THE END Mandatory Retirement in Saskatchewan
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 16 October 2006 

      Turpel-Lafond, M. E. (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2006-10)
      POLICING THE FUTURE The Changing Demographics of Saskatchewan
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 17 November 2006 

      Smith, David E.; Whyte, John D. (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2006-11)
      SENATE REFORM Is This the Beginning?
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 18 December 2006 

      Morgan, Jeremy; Baeker, Greg; Stoicheff, Peter; MacKinnon, Peter; Burton, Randy; Baker, Brenda (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2006-12)
      CAPITALIZING ON CULTURE How can public policy support arts and culture for the public good?
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 19 March 2007 

      Marshall, Jim (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2007-03)
      RETURNS TO EDUCATION International and National Evidence
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 20 May 2007 

      Whyte, John D.; Wells, Lynn; Salutin, Rick; Green, Joyce; Chernov, Gennadiy (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2007-05)