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    • Saskatchewan's Oil and Gas Royalties: A Critical Appraisal 

      Weir, Erin (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2003-01)
      This paper provides a critical appraisal of Saskatchewan’s oil and gas royalties and argues that they should be increased. It was written between June and September of 2002 to convince the provincial government to raise its ...
    • SIPP Student Public Policy Essays Issue 1 October 2003 

      Schmeiser, Maximilian D. (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2003-10)
      An Econometric Analysis of the Decline in Welfare Cases in Ontario: 1984 – 2002
    • SIPP Student Public Policy Essays Issue 2 October 2004 

      Hickey, Daniel J.; Desjarlais, Sharon M. (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2004-10)
      The Evolution of Public Drug Benefits in Saskatchewan: 1945 - 2002 / The Future of Restorative Justice in Canada
    • SIPP Student Public Policy Essays Issue 3 October 2005 

      Visvanathan, Raman; Furkert, Ramona (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2005-10)
      Health and Health System Performance Measures and Indicators: Are They Reliable for Evidence-Based Decision-Making? / The Right to Food and Food Security: Should Food Banks be Abolished in Order to Hold Government Responsible?
    • SIPP Student Public Policy Essays Issue 4 November 2006 

      Gulka-Tiechko, Brayden; Boudreau, René (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2006-11)
      The Effects of Religion on Subjective Well-being: An International Comparison / Rehabilitating the Voluntary Sector Initiative: Rethinking Accountability and Creating Capacity
    • SIPP Student Public Policy Essays Issue 5 Decemeber 2007 

      Kamphuis, Charis; Soles, Kama (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2007-12)
      Pay Equity and Community Based Organizations in Saskatchewan: Paradoxes and Challenges / The Fragmentation of Citizenship and Community: Disability Rights, Economic (In)Security, and Social Policy