The Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance is the ultimate playground for the imagination. Students are provided with the latest technologies and tools to help bring their ideas to life. Our contemporary maker space allows artists to collaborate and innovate in new and exciting ways. Small class sizes give students the chance to work closely with professors, resulting in invaluable experiential learning opportunities.

Our students are exposed to highly creative environments, where skills are gained through technical hands-on learning combined with critical and theoretical study.

Our broad range of degree programs and graduate studies offers students the opportunity to pursue an education in Creative Technologies, Film, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts, as well as Interdisciplinary Studies. Immerse yourself in a culturally-rich environment, surrounded by internationally-experienced faculty and graduates.

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Recent Submissions

  • When Superwomen Strike Back: Birds of Prey, Black Widow, and Contemporary Feminism in Comic Book Movies 

    Sherick, William (Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance, University of Regina, 2021-12-10)
    Since Superman was first introduced in Action Comics #1 in 1938, the world has been taken by storm with depictions of superheroes in comic books and films. While these masculine portrayals have provided men of all ages ...
  • Transcending Perception 

    Desnoyers-Stewart, John (Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance, University of Regina, 2018-04)
    As interest in Virtual Reality (VR) grows, there is a need to critically engage with it, to explore the possibilities created by it, and to understand the technology and content required for its success. VR is considered ...
  • Relativity: Synchresis in Art and Applied Science 

    Wasyliw, Garry (Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance, University of Regina, 2017-11)
    This critical engagement paper outlines the technical details and theoretical support for my Masters of Fine Arts final project titled Relativity. This project explores philosophies of perception through associations between ...
  • Responses to Canada’s Colonial Past (and Present): What You Carry and Surrender No. 40 

    Wilson, Kenneth Clayton (Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance, University of Regina, 2017-05-01)
    This critical engagement paper is intended to accompany the play What You Carry and the solo performance text Surrender No. 40. Part one, the introduction, argues that both texts are intended to contribute to the process ...
  • Nora's Transformative Journey: From A Doll's House and The Little Mermaid to The Way Home 

    Al-Harthi, Rania (Hart) (Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance, University of Regina, 2017-04)
    This critical engagement paper employs the practical work and research conducted for my MFA graduating installation performance The Way Home. For decades, domestic violence researchers analyzed abused women coping with ...