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  • Littlewolfe, Maria; Mountain, Mary (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974-07-04)
    Interview includes a story of Maria Littlewolfe's grandfather who died and then returned to life.
  • Carter, Marion; Mountain, Mary (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974-07-30)
    Mrs. Carter tells a story of her life. She talks of the traditional way of living; residential schools and tells how she was given her name. During the interview she also relates a tale from her grandfather about the ...
  • Thunderchild, Ed; Laliberte, Ed; Lariviere, Jonas; Sugar, Felix; Poorman, Alex; Lewis, Morris; Stanley, J. B.; Crooked, James George; Machiskenie, Joe; Wapass, Bill; Wapass, Pete; Nahnepawish, Marius; Piapot, Emile (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974-03-12)
    Discussion on problems of the younger generation, including alcoholism. Also discussed ways in which parents and elders can help by instructing children and young people and by maintaining the Indian religion.
  • Adams, Mavis J.; Burrs, Mick (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974-09-30)
    Mrs. Adams is a retired white schoolteacher and was 69 years old at the time of the interview. She tells of her induction as an honorary chief of the Blackfoot reserve and shares her experiences among the Blackfoot.
  • McDougall, Mederic; Pearlstone, Carol (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1973-07-12)
    Mr. McDougall is descended from French and Scottish halfbreeds and is active in the Metis Society of Saskatchewan. He gives an account of the Metis way of life and philosophy, the Riel Rebellion, shares memories of WWI, ...
  • Ladue, Ada (Mrs.); Welsh, Christine; Nightraveller, Beatrice (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1983-06-15)
    Ada Ladu was born on the Mistawasis Reserve, worked for wages in the 1930s, married and mother of five. Beatrice Nightraveller, daughter of Josie Cuthand, was born on the Little Pine Reserve, Saskatchewan, worked for ...
  • Nicolas, Alexandrine (Mrs.); Pearlstone, Carol (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1973-07-11)
    Mrs. Nicolas, nee Fleury, was born in Duck Lake in 1887. After a brief period in the U.S. where she attended school she returned to the Duck Lake area where she has lived ever since. She shares her experiences of raising ...
  • Armstrong, Raymond; Snowsill, Tony (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1984-04-06)
    An interview with Raymond Armstrong who gives an account of his childhood. Transcribed by Joanne Greenwood.
  • Irons, Rose; Tilden, Fay (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1977-11-18)
    A rambling conversation that deals with her various neighbors.
  • Kewayosh, Rosie Ella; Isaac, Elizabeth May; Soney, Patricia (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1978-01-24)
    Rosie Ella Kewayosh (side A) and Elizabeth May Isaac (side B) give general reminiscences of their lives.
  • Trudeau, William; Trudeau, Helen; Snowsill, Tony; Welsh, Christine; Debassigae, Ernest (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1984-04-05)
    Mrs. Trudeau talks about being adopted and the schooling she received as a child. Mr. Trudeau talks about growing up on the farm, and later working in the lumber and fishing industries. Interpreter : Ernest Debassigae ; ...
  • Day, William; Jacobs, Burton; Soney, Patricia (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1978-03-20)
    General discussion about the Walpole Island Reserve.
  • Atimoyoo, Smith; Broba, Harry; Lachance, Choco; Tootoosis, Ernest; Bonaise, Alex (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1971-10)
    Elders present songs and prayers with discussion about the loss of traditions and values, evils of alcohol, role of elders, etc. Also stories of adventures in intertribal warfare ; a story of a man who married a thunderwoman.

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