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  • Antoine, Alphonse; Snowsill, Tony; Welsh, Christine; Debassigae, Ernest (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1984-04-03)
    An interview with Antoine Alphonse who gives an account of his life. Interpreter: Ernest Debassigae ; transcriber: Joanne Greenwood.
  • Lonesinger, Antoine; Littlepoplar, Alphonse (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974-07-20)
    Interview includes stories of a Woods Cree who turned a Plains Cree son-in-law into a bone spirit and the revenge that came from that.
  • First Rider, George; Hellson, John (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1968-11-18)
    Consists of an interview about the games played by young boys.
  • Pooyak, Eli; Littlepoplar, Alphonse (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974-02-22)
    Interview includes stories about the origin of the Sioux Dance and tales about the Sliding and Drumming hills.
  • Mandelbaum, D.G. (Dr.); Fine Day (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1934-08-14)
    Consists of an interview that briefly discusses tribal rivalries and the care and uses of dogs. He also describes various games of the Cree.
  • First Rider, George; Hellson, John (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1967-11-22)
    Consists of an interview giving an account of the last long distance horse races at Stand Off, Alberta. Includes a story of gambling between a Blood Indian and a Snake Indian; a story of the Holy Lodge; a story of the girl ...
  • Chief, Jimmy; Mountain, Mary (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1973-07-23)
    The interview includes a story of the Grandson of Little Bear was was hung for his part in the Frog Lake massacre. Other stories included the tale of Chuh Chuh,a warrior who scalped a Blackfoot Chief; stories of medicine ...
  • Wolfleg, Mark (Sr.); Snowsill, Tony (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1983-01-24)
    This is an interview with Mark Wolfleg held on the Blackfoot Reserve.
  • Goodvoice, Robert (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1977-10-07)
    He tells a story about the origins of the Dakota (Sioux) guardian spirit and his powers; and how Iktomi differs from the equivalent Cree spirit power (Wisakedjak).
  • Yellowhorn, Tom; Smith, Johnny (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1975-03-07)
    Several topics are discussed: describes the acceptance by the Peigans of Treaty #7, and its effects on their way of life; compares U.S. and Canadian treaties and criticizes Canadian education of Indians; briefly describes ...

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