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dc.contributor.authorBaliko, Krista
dc.contributor.authorCormack, Katherine
dc.contributor.authorMalloy, David
dc.contributor.authorAndrusieczko, Tanya
dc.contributor.authorBell, Michael
dc.contributor.authorDorma, Everett
dc.contributor.authorGraham, Rae
dc.contributor.authorHopkin, Trevor
dc.contributor.authorJohnson, Dale
dc.contributor.authorKies, Richard
dc.contributor.authorLongman, Nickita
dc.contributor.authorMaragos, Costa
dc.contributor.authorRuddy, Evie
dc.contributor.authorSchlamp, Colette
dc.description.abstract02 Vice-President (Research) Message 03 Student Focus 06 Queering the Queen City 11 Accolades 12 Examining the Sixties Scoop and Beyond 17 Aging well on the Prairies 18 By the Book 20 Funding 22 Collaborate 24 Pinstripes on the Prairiesen_US
dc.publisherExternal Relations, University of Reginaen_US
dc.titleDiscourse Spring/Summer 2018en_US
dc.typeJournal Issueen_US

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  • Discourse
    Discourse is the University of Regina’s bi-annual magazine that profiles new and ongoing research by faculty, staff and students.

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