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The mission of the oURspace digital repository is to share and preserve the scholarly, creative, and cultural work produced at the University of Regina.

What are some of the benefits of depositing your works in oURspace?

  • Increased access to your scholarly publications.
  • Content is indexed and discoverable in Google Scholar.
  • Compliance with open access funding requirements.
  • Long term preservation of your work.

Please contact ourspace@uregina.ca if you have questions or want more information about oURspace.


Recent Submissions

ItemOpen Access
University of Regina Press 10th Anniversary Book Cover Art Exhibit
(University of Regina Library, 2024)
ItemOpen Access
Meet Mary Filer Exhibit
(University of Regina Library, 2022) Mary Filer
ItemOpen Access
Riding is Resistance Exhibit
(University of Regina Library, 2019-06)
ItemOpen Access
Saskatchewan Landscape Photography Exhibit
(University of Regina Library, 2018-01)
ItemOpen Access
Goodbye, Old Country
(University of Regina Library, 2024-03-06) Jensen, Robyn; Smith, William
Dive into the enigmatic world of Count Esterhazy, an immigration agent who brought Hungarians to settle in Saskatchewan. This exhibition unveils their early immigration history while revealing the scandals and questions about Esterhazy’s aristocratic origins.