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The mission of the oURspace digital repository is to share and preserve the scholarly, creative, and cultural work produced at the University of Regina.

What are some of the benefits of depositing your works in oURspace?

  • Increased access to your scholarly publications.
  • Content is indexed and discoverable in Google Scholar.
  • Compliance with open access funding requirements.
  • Long term preservation of your work.

Please contact ourspace@uregina.ca if you have questions or want more information about oURspace.


Recent Submissions

ItemOpen Access
Celebration Of Authorship 2021-2022 Book Covers
(University of Regina Library, 2022)
ItemOpen Access
Celebration Of Authorship Program 2021-2022
(University of Regina Library, 2022) Abbott, Sarah; Afolabi, Taiwo; Ashton, Emily; Bliss, Stacey; Bonner, William; Bradley, Crista; Brigham, Mark; Campbell, Ian; Campbell, Lori; Carter, Heather; Chadwick, Sydney; Chiefcalf, April; Clarke, Paul; Cliveti, Monica; Clune, Laurie; Demers, Jason; Donovan, Darcy; Eisler, Dale; Eaton, Emily; Elliott, Patricia; Enoch, Simon; French, Lindsey; Gacek, James; Gardiner, Christopher Campbell; Berard-Gardiner, Shannon; Gebhard, Amanda; Grahame, Ann; Han, Yu (Jade); Hanson, Cindy; Hart, Mel; Hu, Shuchen; Hurlbert, Margot; Isiaka, Abiodun; Jaffe, Joann; King, Alex; Koops, Sheena; Kossick, Don; Long, Timothy; Maeers, Esther; Mair, Leslea; Mathes, Carmen Faye; Munro, Emelia; Naytowhow, Joseph; Phillips, Kaetlyn; Polster, Claire; Quark, Amy; Ramsay, Christine; Ricketts, Kathryn; Rasmussen, Ken; Reul, Barbara; Rennie, Morina; Rolli (Charles Anderson); Ruddy, Evie Johnny; Russell, Gale; Sardarli, Arzu; Saul, Gerald; Sawatzky, Katie Doke; Sellers, Cora; Snider, Amy; Stadnichuk, Cheryl; Stevens, Andrew; Stratton, Florence; Swan, Ida; Tomesh, Trevor; Trussler, Michael; Vélez, Maria; Wilson, Ken
For the first time in three years, we are thrilled to be again gathering in person to celebrate the published scholarly and creative work of our University of Regina community. Archer Library is proud to unveil the 2021-22 University of Regina Celebration of Authorship Program booklet. This downloadable publication highlights University of Regina authors/creators of books, edited proceedings, sound recordings, musical scores and film or video recordings published over the last year in any format (print or electronic). We encourage you to take a moment to view the program booklet and extend your congratulations to all of the University of Regina students, faculty, staff, and alumni who are being celebrated this year.
ItemOpen Access
Celebration Of Authorship 2020-2021 Book Covers
(University of Regina Library, 2021)
ItemOpen Access
Celebration Of Authorship Program 2020-2021
(University of Regina Library, 2021) Afolabi, Taiwo; Bates-Hardy, Courtney; Battis, Jes; Bradley, Crista; Brigham, Mark; Carter, Claire; Clausson, Nils; Cote, L. Lynn; Cote, Margaret R.; Coupal, Chelsea; French, Lindsey; Gacek, James; Hanson, Cindy; Hu, Shuchen; Juschka, Darlene; Khan, Tanisha; Macdonald, Iain; Marsh, Charity; Melançon, Jérôme; Morgan, R. Grace; Okimasis, Jean L.; Piercey, Robert; Plummer, David William; Powell, Mary; Purdham, Medrie; Ratt, Solomon; Trussler, Michael; Wolvengrey, Arok
The past year has disrupted many things in both our academic and personal lives, but something that has not changed is the commitment of the University of Regina community to advancing research and sharing knowledge and stories with a world-wide audience. The Dr. John Archer Library and Archives is again proud to unveil our new Celebration of Authorship booklet, highlighting books and other creative works published in-print or electronically over the past year by faculty, staff, students, retirees, and alumni of the University of Regina and its federated colleges.
ItemOpen Access
Celebration Of Authorship 2019-2020 Book Covers
(University of Regina Library, 2020)