James Mason interview

Mason, James
Cywink, Alex
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Canadian Plains Research Centre

Consists of an interview where he gives an account of the Ojibway flood legend; the migration of Ojibway Indians; and attitudes towards integration.

32 p. transcript of an interview with James Mason conducted by Alex Cywink on June 7, 1983. Tape number IH-OT.026, transcript disc 105A.
Chiefs and chieftainship -- Election of, Chiefs and chieftainship -- Hereditary, Children -- Work of, Clans -- Ojibway clans, Depression (1930s), Discrimination -- Against Indians, Disease and illness -- Diabetes, Education -- And discrimination, Education -- Attitudes toward, Education -- Integrated, Education -- Upgrading, Elders -- Role of, Food -- Traditional, Government by Indians -- Band councils, Government by Indians -- Band management, Government by Indians -- Concept of nationhood, Horses -- Care of, Housing -- Frame houses, Indian Affairs, Department of -- Attitudes toward, Indian Affairs, Department of -- Policies of, Indian-Provincial government relations -- Ontario, Iroquois Indians -- Migration of, Land -- Attitudes toward, Land -- Leases, Land -- Ownership, Concepts of, Land -- Surrenders, Names (Personal) -- Origins of, Names (Place) -- Changes in, Non-Indians -- Relationships with, Ojibway Indians -- Migration of, Religion and Spirituality, Religion and Spirituality -- Christian religions (vs.), Religion and Spirituality -- Dreams and dreaming, Spirits -- Nanabush (Ojibway), Stories and storytelling (General) -- Flood legends, Stories and storytelling (General) -- In teaching, Technological change -- Automobiles, Treaties -- Significance of, Warfare, Intertribal -- Accounts of, Work -- Attitudes toward, Brant, Joseph, Saugeen Reserve, Union of Ontario Indians, World Assembly of First Nations (W.A.F.N.), Religion and Spirituality -- Revival of