Pigeon Society 2

First Rider, George
Hellson, John
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Canadian Plains Research Centre

Consists of an interview about various aspects of the Pigeon Society; the role of various members; women in the society; competing for wives; the Crow Carriers Society; the Brave Society including a story of a fight against the Cree when the enemy was scared away by the dancing of the Braves; and the Scaping dance.

23 p. transcript of an interview with George First Rider conducted by John Hellson on November 5, 1966. Tape number IH-AA.007/007A, transcript disc 45.
Animals -- In religion and ceremonialism, Bundles -- Pigeon Society bundle, Bundles -- Transfer of, Ceremonialism -- Clothing, Ceremonialism -- Dances, Ceremonialism -- Gift-giving, Ceremonialsim -- Officers, Ceremonialism -- Paint and painting, Ceremonialism -- Smear sticks, Ceremonies -- Holy Lodge, Clothing and personal adornment -- Ceremonial, Containers and utensils -- Backrests, Dances and dancing -- Scraping dance, Dances and dancing -- Medicine pipe dance, Food -- Preparation of, Pipes and smoking -- Medicine pipe, Pipes and smoking -- Water bundle pipe, Power -- Amulets, charms (Blood), Religion and Spirituality -- Sweat lodge, Societies -- Brave Society (Blood), Societies -- Crow Carriers Society (Blood), Societies -- Horn Society (Blood), Societies -- Pigeon Society (Blood), Songs and singing -- Ceremonial, Warfare, Intertribal -- Accounts of, Containers and utensils -- Water bags