Adam Solway interview 2

Solway, Adam
Welsh, Christine
Snowsill, Tony
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Canadian Plains Research Centre

This is a continuation of an interview with Adam Solway on January 29, 1983 on the Blackfoot Reserve.

23 p. transcript of an interview with Adam Solway conducted by Christine Welsh and Tony Snowsill on January 29, 1983. Tape number IH-011, transcript 5.
Black, Jim, Calf Rope, Ben, Castle Mountain, Alberta, Crowfoot, Denning, Justice, Diefenbaker, John, Eisenhower, Mount, Alberta, Medicine Shield, Frank, Pearson, Lester B., Adoption, Blackfoot Indians -- Clans, Blackfoot Indians -- Societies, Blackfoot Reserve -- Land sale, Chiefs and chieftainship -- Election of, Chiefs and chieftainship -- Hereditary, Chiefs and chieftainship -- Lifetime, Chiefs and chieftainship -- Pay for, Children -- Adoption of, Clans -- Blackfoot clans, Clothing and personal adornment -- Mourning, Death -- Mourning, Disease and illness -- Attitudes toward, Government by Indians -- Band elections, Government by Indians -- Band management, Indian Affairs, Department of -- Economic development policies, Indian Affairs, Department of -- Paternalism, Indian-Federal government relations -- Canadian Constitution, Indian-Federal government relations -- Negotiations, Indian-Federal government relations -- White Paper (1969), Land -- Claims, Land -- Sale, Legislation -- Indian Act, Marriage -- Taboos, Names (Personal) -- Significance of, Names (Personal), Power -- Prophets and diviners, Societies -- Brave Dog Society (Blackfoot), Societies -- Leather Strippers (Blackfoot), Societies -- Medicine Pipe Women (Blackfoot), Societies -- Of women, Stories and storytelling (General) -- Divining, Treaties -- Attitudes toward, Values -- Loss of, Work -- For wages