Twofold-Affecting Model: A Pattern of Cultural Influence on the Development of China

Yue, Hu
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University of Regina Graduate Students' Association

My research focuses on China’s development, particularly on the political and social areas. One puzzle of the area is whether China could be democratized after its economic emergence? My answer is: China can be democratized, but perhaps by a Chinese style. The perspective implies the development of China might be different from the western countries’ model not only on the process, but also on the final goals. I create a “twofoldaffecting” model to interpret China’s development from a cultural angle. Two types of culture are the key components of my model. They are “updating culture” and “enduring cultures.” The former culture points to cultural elements driven by the socioeconomic development. The “enduring culture,” on the other hand, usually stems from the traditional belief systems and customs, and has been continually reinforced by the society’s internal demand of self-identification and external challenges. My research argues the two types of culture will impact the social development together and simultaneously. But neither of them is more determinative, nor more important. They just like two component forces in mechanics (physics), and the development could be regarded as the resultant of these two components.

Updating culture, Enduring Culture, Chinese democratization