Mrs. Ada Ladue and Mrs. Beatrice Nightraveller interview

Ladue, Ada (Mrs.)
Welsh, Christine
Nightraveller, Beatrice
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Canadian Plains Research Centre

Ada Ladu was born on the Mistawasis Reserve, worked for wages in the 1930s, married and mother of five.

Beatrice Nightraveller, daughter of Josie Cuthand, was born on the Little Pine Reserve, Saskatchewan, worked for wages in the 1930s, also married with five children.

They share: a story of a white baby girl abducted and raised by Indians in the Prince Albert, Saskatchewan district; accounts of the Riel Rebellion (1885), especially the aftermath in the North Battleford district; philosophies of child-rearing; loss of portions of Little Pine Reserve and the death of Little Pine.

On (p.18-23) is the story of Josie Cuthand, Beatrice Nightraveller's father.

29 p. transcript of an interview with Ada Ladue and Beatrice Nightraveller conducted by Christine Welsh on June 15, 1983. Tape number IH-123, transcript disc 6.
Cuthand, Josie, Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan, Hobbema, Alberta, Little Pine, Poundmaker, Rocky Boy Reserve, Montana, Adoption -- By kidnapping, Adoption -- Of white children, Agriculture -- Farming instructors, Children -- Raising of, Christian churches -- Community divisions fostered by, Disease and illness -- Tuberculosis, Education -- And cultural suppression, Education -- Day schools, Food -- Rations, Food -- Sharing of, Housing -- Log houses, Indian Affairs, Department of, Land -- Loss of, Little Pine Reserve, Saskatchewan, Little Pine Reserve, Saskatchewan -- Loss of land, Riel Rebellion (1885) -- Accounts of, Riel Rebellion (1885) -- Aftermath of, Riel Rebellion (1885) -- Cree Indians, role in, Riel Rebellion (1885) -- Grievances leading to, Religion and Spirituality -- Prayer, Religion and Spirituality -- Sweetgrass, Values, Values -- Loss of, Values -- Respect, Values -- Sharing, Work -- For wages