Saulteaux Workshop 2

Crowe, Mrs.
Williams, Joe
Kequateway, William
Cappo, John
Crowe, Mr. H.
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Canadian Plains Research Centre

Discussion of the problem of alcohol abuse among native peoples. Raising children: comparison with earlier days. Establishment of the Shesheep, Sakimay and Muscowpetung Reserves. Many lectures about their histories and their hopes for the future of their people.

10 p. transcript of lectures given at a workshop on Oct. 30, 1973. Tape number IH-426, transcript disc 62.
Alcohol -- Abuse of, Ceremonialism -- Pipes, Ceremonialism -- Sweetgrass, Ceremonies -- Sundance (Cree), Chiefs and chieftainship -- Choice of, Chiefs and chieftainship -- Election of, Children -- Raising of, Education -- Traditional, Elders -- As teachers, Elders -- Respect for, Elders -- Role of, Family -- Relationships, Food -- Sharing of, Hunting -- Small game, Indian Affairs, Department of -- Indian agents, Names (Personal) -- Taboos, Pipes and smoking -- Significance of, Religion and Spirituality -- Christian religions (vs.), Stories and storytelling (General) -- Hunting, Treaty #4 -- Taking of, Muscowpetung, Muscowpetung Reserve, Saskatchewan, Sakimay, Sakimay Reserve, Saskatchewan, Shesheep Reserve, Saskatchewan