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Goodvoice, Robert
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Canadian Plains Research Centre

He tells a story about the origins of the Dakota (Sioux) guardian spirit and his powers; and how Iktomi differs from the equivalent Cree spirit power (Wisakedjak).

24 p. transcript of an interview with Robert Goodvoice conducted by an unknown interviewer on Oct. 7, 1977. Tape number IH-108/109, transcript disc 11.
Ceremonialism -- Initiation ceremonies, Dances and dancing -- Sundance, Games -- Gambling, Horses -- Acquisition of, Horses -- Adornment of, Horses -- Catching of wild horses, Horses -- Theft of, Medicine and curing practices -- And plant remedies, Medicine and curing practices -- Prayer, Medicine men and women -- Payment for, Medicine men and women -- Powers of, Power -- From dreams and visions, Power -- From fasting, Power -- Sources of, Religion and Spirituality -- Prayer, Religion and Spirituality -- Vows, Sioux Indians -- Ceremonialism, Sioux Indians -- Societies, Social organization -- Decision-making, Societies -- Red Path Society (Sioux), Songs and singing -- Thanksgiving, Spirits -- Guardian spirits, Spirits -- Iktomi (Sioux), Spirits -- Spirit powers, Stories and storytelling (General), Stories and storytelling (General) -- Creation myths, Stories and storytelling (General) -- Divining, Stories and storytelling (Specific) -- How the Sioux got horses, Stories and storytelling (Specific) -- The Sioux are shown the Red Path, Stories and storytelling (Specific) -- Origins of the Sioux Sundance, Values -- The right way to live, Medicine men and women -- Healing by