Lawrence Tobacco interview

Tobacco, Lawrence
Welsh, Christine
Snowsill, Tony
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Canadian Plains Research Centre

Lawrence Tobacco, born 1919, on the Poor Man Reserve, Saskatchewan He attended a residential school and is now involved in traditional education and counseling. He talks about farming and raising cattle on the Poor Man Reserve; shares a story of a trip he took to Winnipeg to sell cattle for a number of reserves in the File Hills area, and how Indian Affairs officials tried to bribe him with part of the proceeds of the sale; shares stories of defiance toward Dept. of Indian Affairs paternalism such as: butchering a cow without a permit; buying a tractor and establishing outside credit without a permit. He also shares his experiences in the Catholic residential school on the Muskowekan Reserve, 1926-1935.

38 p. transcript of an interview with Lawrence Tobacco conducted by Christine Welsh and Tony Snowsill on June 20, 1983. Tape number IH-124/IH-125a transcript disc 9.
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