Adapting Cognitive Remediation Group Therapy Online: Focus Groups with People Aging with HIV


jats:p Cognitive health is a significant concern for people aging with HIV/AIDS. Psychosocial group therapies may help people aging with HIV who experience cognitive challenges cope with their symptoms. The COVID-19 pandemic revealed in-person group therapies need adaptation for technology-mediated delivery. Peer-led focus groups discussed adapting cognitive remediation group therapy (CRGT) as an online intervention. CRGT combines mindfulness-based stress reduction and brain training activities. Purposive sampling recruited people aging with HIV (40+) who self-identified cognitive concerns and resided in one of two Canadian provinces. Thematic content analysis was employed on transcripts by seven independent coders. Ten, 2-hour focus groups were conducted between August and November 2022. Participants (n=45) responded favorably to CRGT's modalities. Alongside support for its continued implementation in-person, participants requested online synchronous and online asynchronous formats. Preferred intervention facilitators were peers and mental health professionals. We also discuss how to adapt psychosocial HIV therapies for technology-mediated delivery. </jats:p>

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Eaton AD, Hui J, Muchenje M, et al. Adapting Cognitive Remediation Group Therapy Online: Focus Groups with People Aging with HIV. Journal of the International Association of Providers of AIDS Care (JIAPAC). 2024;23. doi:10.1177/23259582241242703