Edith Tasse interview

Tasse, Edith
Sit, Evelyn
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Canadian Plains Research Centre

Consists of an interview where she gives an account of plants and herbs used as medicine; and gives a description of basket making procedures.

37 p. transcript of an interview with Edith Tasse conducted by Evelyn Sit on July 13, 1983. Tape number IH-OT.037, transcript disc 121.
Animals -- Encounters with, Chiefs and chieftainship -- Duties of, Chiefs and chieftainship -- Election of, Children -- Punishment of, Children -- Work of, Cities -- Impressions of, Crafts -- Basket making, Crafts -- Natural dyes, Crafts -- Quill work, Hunting -- Regulations, Depression (1930s), Education -- Day schools, Education -- Self-taught, Food -- Preparation of, Food -- Traditional, Medicine men and women -- And plant remedies, Medicine men and women -- Healing by, Names (Personal) -- Origins of, Pipes and smoking -- And women, Pipes and smoking -- Significance of, Pipes and smoking -- Sweetgrass, Stories and storytelling -- Death, Transportation -- Dog team, Transportation -- Horse and sleigh, Trapping -- Techniques, Women -- Role of, World War II -- Army life, World War II -- Enlistment, Burleigh Falls, Ontario, Churchill Lake Reserve, Ontario, Faulkner, Hugh, Johnson, Josh, Lovesick Lake, Ontario, Michener, Governor General, Pearson, Lester B., Scugog Island, Ontario, Trudeau, Pierre, Tweedsmuir, Governor General