Joe Sylvester interview

Sylvester, Joe
Keeshig, Jocelyn
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Canadian Plains Research Centre

Consists of an interview with Joe Sylvester where he gives an account of Indian medicine; legends concerning migration of Algonquin Indians; the role of eldlers; of the deterioration of reservation conditions following World War II; the religious significance of the number "four"; views on welfare and its role in disrupting traditional Indian values; and a legend about the origin of the drum.

37 p. transcript of an interview with Joe Sylvester conducted by Jocelyn Keeshig on August 11, 1982. Tape number IH-OT.013, transcript disc 109.
Christian Island, Ontario, Algonquin Indians -- Nine tribes of, Ceremonialism -- Cedar, Ceremonialism -- Sage, Ceremonialism -- Sweetgrass, Children -- Family allowance, Christian churches -- Catholic, Christian churches -- And Indian religion, Christian churches -- Community divisions fostered by, Education -- Traditional, Elders -- Role of, Indian Affairs, Department of -- Policies of, Medicine and curing practices -- And plant remedies, Medicine and curing practices -- Midwives, Music and musical instruments -- Drum, Power -- Vision quests, Religion and Spirituality -- Longhouse, Religion and Spirituality -- Midewiwin, Religion and Spirituality -- Circle of life, Religion and Spirituality -- Dreams and dreaming, Religion and Spirituality -- Four directions, Religion and Spirituality -- Religious significance of the number "four", Religion and Spirituality -- Tobacco, Spirits -- Kakiyabawish, Spirits -- Meegishell, Spirits -- Nanabush, Stories and storytelling -- How the Indians got the drum, Stories and storytelling (Specific) -- Migration of Algonquin Indians, Values -- Loss of, Values -- Retention of, Values -- Sharing, World War II -- Enlistment