Feature Story: Northern community sees first group of students graduate with new Liberal Arts Certificate

University Advancement & Communications, University of Regina
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University Advancement & Communications, University of Regina

On December 17, 2019 at a graduation ceremony in the northern village of Pinehouse, SK, the first cohort of 19 Indigenous students celebrated the successful completion of the Liberal Arts Certificate program. The program is delivered by Gabriel Dumont Institute (GDI) in partnership with the University of Regina.

The partnership between GDI and the U of R was first established 40 years ago. The partnership recognizes the sovereignty of Indigenous peoples and enables GDI to deliver University of Regina programs to Métis students. First Nations and Inuit students also attend GDI. With a main goal of providing Métis people with access to post-secondary education, GDI is owned by the Métis people of Saskatchewan and one of its key goals is to help expand educational opportunities for the Métis.

Gabriel Dumont Institute, Liberal Arts Certificate, Centre for Continuing Education, Saskatchewan Urban Native Teacher Education Program, Northern Saskatchewan Indigenous Teacher Education Program