Feature Story: Public discussion on the benefits of nuclear science

External Relations, University of Regina
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External Relations, University of Regina

The public is invited to celebrate Canadian Nuclear Science Week with a special presentation on the vital role nuclear science plays in our lives. Experts in the University of Regina’s Department of Physics will discuss the latest developments in nuclear science and the exciting possibilities for our health, agriculture, energy and other aspects of our daily lives in a public, free event called From Quarks to Nuclear Imaging, on Tuesday, October 20 at 7 pm. “We’re excited to celebrate with the public the many advances in nuclear science and the differences they’re making in critical areas of our lives, including cancer detection, food safety and for safe, alternate sources of energy,” says University of Regina Physics Professor, Dr. Zisis Papandreou. “We’re proud to state that our physics department is collaborating with scientists across Canada and around the world to bring about some of these exciting scientific breakthroughs.”

Zisis Papandreou, Garth Huber, Canadian Nuclear Science Week, Department of Physics, From Quarks to Nuclear Imaging