Literacy Learning in Saskatchewan: A Review of Adult Literacy Programs (1989)

Hindle, Judith K.
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Saskatchewan Instructional Development and Research Unit, Faculty of Education, University of Regina

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The government has really done something this time. They've put their dollars in the right place. I mean, if you ask somebody at the university about that they'd probably say, 'Hey, why help them dummies, give us the money.' They're already smart. Try to get a few people kicking around who can't do it - give them help too. (Stan, a learner, age 45)

GOAL OF THE EVALUATION To acquire information on the outcomes of the Saskatchewan Literacy Campaign for the purpose of assessing Campaign effectiveness to date and making decisions in the future.

INTRODUCTION This is a report of a program evaluation project undertaken for the Saskatchewan Literacy Council during the 1987 to 1990 Saskatchewan Literacy Campaign. The evaluation encompassed 15 literacy programs which received developmental or supplemental funding from the Saskatchewan Literacy Council in 1988 and 1989. The evaluation was conducted over the 12-month period December 2, 1988, to December 2, 1989, by the Saskatchewan Instructional Development and Research Unit (SIDRU) at the University of Regina. Funding for the project was received through Saskatchewan Education, from the National Literacy Secretariat of the Government of Canada, through Saskatchewan Education, as part of the National Literacy Campaign.

Errata slip mounted on p. [2] of cover. Includes bibliographical references: p. 167-185.
Literacy Learning, Saskatchewan, Adult Literacy Programs