Rhetor : Vol. 02 (2007)

Zawisza, Elisabeth
Smith, Tania S.
Saim, Mirela
Rheault, Sylvain
Senior, Nancy
Cos, Grant C.
MacLennan, Jennifer
Wills, Jenie
Spoel, Philippa
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Canadian Society for the Study of Rhetoric; Société canadienne pour l'étude de la rhétorique

Articles in English or French.

226 p.
Editor's Introduction / PHILIPPA SPOEL -- Introduction de la rédactrice / PHILIPPA SPOEL -- Apprentissage de la rhétorique et de la citoyenneté: Les écrits de Marie-Madeleine Jodin / ELISABETH ZAWISZA -- Learning Conversational Rhetoric in Eighteenth-Century Britain: Hester Thrale Piozzi and Her Mentors Collier and Johnson / TANIA S. SMITH -- A New Rhetoric for Modern Jewish Studies: Moses Gaster's Redefinition of Jewish Homiletic Concepts / MIRELA SAIM -- Les rôles des personnages féminins comme arguments contre l'usage de la force dans quelques récits de combat en France dans les annés trente / SYLVAIN RHEAULT -- The Muslim Headscarf Controversy in French Schools: A Sign of Inclusion or of Exclusion? / NANCY SENIOR -- Dissent and the Rhetoric of Reflection: Barbara Lee's September 14, 2001, Speech / GRANT C. COS -- Signposts of Cultural Identity: George Grant's Lament for a Nation and Mel Hurtig's The Vanishing Country / JENNIFER MACLENNAN -- "Telling it like it is": Jim Pankiw and Politics of Racism / JEANIE WILLS -- A Feminist Rhetorical Perspective on Informed Choice in Midwifery / PHILIPPA SPOEL.