Mark Wolfleg Sr. interview

Wolfleg, Mark (Sr.)
Snowsill, Tony
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Canadian Plains Research Centre

This is an interview with Mark Wolfleg held on the Blackfoot Reserve.

12 p. transcript of an interview with Mark Wolfleg Sr. conducted by Tony Snowsill on January 24, 1983. Tape number IH-014, transcript disc 4.
Animals -- In religion and ceremonialism, Blackfoot Indians -- Bundles, Blackfoot Indians -- Ceremonialism, Blackfoot Indians -- Societies, Blackfoot Indians -- Sundance, Ceremonialism -- Paint and painting, Ceremonialism -- Pipes, Ceremonialism -- Sweetgrass, Ceremonies -- Dog Feast Ceremony (Blackfoot), Ceremonies -- Sundance (Blackfoot), Chiefs and chieftainship -- Qualifications for, Clans -- Blackfoot clans, Games -- Gambling, Horses -- Acquisition of, Names (Personal), Names (Personal) -- Origins of, Pipes and smoking, Power -- Sources of, Power -- Vision quests, Religion and Spirituality -- Medicine wheels, Societies -- Beaver Bundle Society (Blackfoot), Societies -- Black Police (Blackfoot), Societies -- Crazy Dog Society (Blackfoot), Societies -- Horn Society (Blackfoot), Societies -- Prairie Chicken Society (Blackfoot), Spirits -- Animal, Warfare, Intertribal -- And Medicine Wheel, World War II -- Attitudes toward, World War II -- Enlistment, World War II -- Overseas experiences, World War II -- Treatment of returning veterans, Backfat, Chief Cap, Eagle Ribs, Gleichen, Alberta, Gooderham, Mr. (Indian agent), Red Crane, Sits Far