Feature Story: College Avenue Campus Donor wall unveiling offers Darke Hall design rendering sneak peek

University Advancement & Communications, University of Regina
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University Advancement & Communications, University of Regina

More than a decade after a restored College Avenue Campus was first imagined, a very special College Avenue Campus donor wall was unveiled. At an event today, Donors on hand were treated to a special sneak peek of what a revitalized Darke Hall will mean to the community.

On October 4, many of the more than 550 donors who contributed to the completion and restoration of the College Avenue Campus Renewal Project were on hand for the unveiling of the Project's donor wall. The wall is a tangible reminder that it takes a committed group of community members to work together to build great things for the larger community. Donors, like project champion Jean Freeman, who have contributed more than $5,000 will see their names featured on the wall, located outside of the Conexus Multipurpose Room in the College Building.

College Avenue Campus Donor Wall, College Avenue Campus Renewal Project, Darke Hall