Personal relative deprivation associated with functional disorders via stress: An examination of fibromyalgia and gastrointestinal symptoms

Beshai, Shadi
Mishra, Sanju
Mishra, Sandeep
Carleton, R. Nicholas
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Public Library of Science

Personal relative deprivation is a negative social comparison process typified by self-com- parison, negative appraisal, and resultant negative emotionality. Personal relative depriva- tion has been associated with poorer physical and mental health in several domains. It has been hypothesized that the deprivation-health link operates through a stress pathway. Stress has been specifically implicated in the onset and maintenance of functional disor- ders, including fibromyalgia and functional gastrointestinal disorders. Despite the theoretical links between personal deprivation, stress, and functional disorders, researchers have not assessed relationships between these variables.

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Beshai, S., Mishra, S., Mishra, S., & Carleton, R. N. (2017). Personal Relative Deprivation and Functional Disorders: Emotional Social Comparison Reactions Influence Fibromyalgia and Gastrointestinal Symptoms. PLoS One.