Lizette Ahenakew interview

Ahenakew, Lizette
Welsh, Christine
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Canadian Plains Research Centre

She was born on the Little Pine Reserve, the first girl from that reserve to attend high school. She tells of some childhood memories; naming ceremonies; significance of Indian names; the training of children, especially girls; menarche seclusion; women: influence of, in religion and ceremonialism, pregnancy; her education: traditional; experiences in Anglican boarding school (integrated) in Saskatoon; training for roles as wife and mother.

38 p. transcript of an interview with Lizette Ahenakew conducted by Christine Welsh on June 21, 1983. Tape number IH-120/IH-121, transcript disc 7.
Sandy Lake Reserve, Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Animals -- In religion and ceremonialism, Assimilation, Assimilation -- Conflicts resulting from, Ceremonialism -- Right to participate, Children -- Naming of, Children -- Training of, Christian churches -- Attitudes toward, Discrimination -- Against Indians, Education -- Attitudes toward, Education -- Integrated, Education -- Secular, Education -- Traditional, Girls -- Training of, Horses -- Adornment of, Horses -- Significance in religion and ceremonials, Humor, Indian Affairs, Department of -- Paternalism, Little Pine Reserve, Marriage -- Arranged, Marriage -- Ceremonies, Marriage -- Preparations for, Marriage -- Responsibilities, Medicine and curing practices -- Ingredients, gathering and preparation of, Medicine and curing practices -- Prayer, Menstruation -- Menarche, Menstruation -- And power, Missionaries -- As agents of assimilation, Names (Personal) -- Naming ceremonies, Names (Personal) -- Significance of, Pipes and smoking -- And women, Power -- Evil, Power -- From dreams and visions, Pregnancy and childbirth -- Management of, Religion and Spirituality -- Prayer, Societies -- Of women, Spirits -- Animal, Values -- Cleanliness, Values -- Humility, Women -- Influence of, Women -- And pregnancy, Women -- In religion and ceremonials, Work -- For wages