William & Helen Trudeau 1

Trudeau, William
Trudeau, Helen
Snowsill, Tony
Welsh, Christine
Debassigae, Ernest
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Canadian Plains Research Centre

Mrs. Trudeau talks about being adopted and the schooling she received as a child. Mr. Trudeau talks about growing up on the farm, and later working in the lumber and fishing industries. Interpreter : Ernest Debassigae ; transcriber : Joanne Greenwood.

33 p. transcript of an interview with William and Helen Trudeau conducted by Tony Snowsill and Christine Welsh on April 5, 1984. Tape number IH-OM.08, transcript disc 83.
Adoption -- Legal, Agriculture -- Farming, Agriculture -- Livestock, Alcohol -- Abuse of, Children -- Raising of, Clothing and personal adornment -- School, Containers and utensils -- Birch bark, Containers and utensils -- For food, Education -- And child labor, Education -- Day schools, Education -- Residential schools, Fishing -- As guide, Fishing -- Commercial, Fishing -- Techniques, Food -- Gathering of, Food -- Preparation of, Resource development -- And employment, Transportation -- Sailboat, Transportation -- Boat, Work -- For goods, Work -- For wages, Work -- Self-sufficiency