Vern Harper interview

Harper, Vern
Cywink, Alex
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Canadian Plains Research Centre

Consists of an interview where he tells of life in a foster home and cultural suppression; gives a description of suppression on reserves in the 1950's; and gives a description of native values and philosophy and the role of sweat lodges.

38 p. transcript of an interview with Vern Harper conducted by Alex Cywink on June 23, 1983. Tape number IH-OT.023, transcript disc 115.
Adoption -- Foster homes, Chiefs and chieftainship -- Hereditary, Christian churches -- Anglican, Christian churches -- Catholic, Christian churches -- Community divisions fostered by, Cities -- Impressions of, Clothing and personal adornment -- Hair, Crimes and punishments -- Treason, Death -- Attitudes toward, Depression (1930s), Education -- And cultural suppression, Education -- Forced attendance, Education -- Self-taught, Education -- Traditional, Elders -- As teachers, Elders -- Role of, Medicine and curing practices -- Sweat baths, Medicine men and women, Non-Indians -- Prophecies regarding, Non-Indians -- Relationships with, Pipes and smoking -- Significance of, Pipes and smoking -- Tobacco, Power -- Acquisition of, Red Paper, Religion and Spirituality -- Christian religions (vs.), Religion and Spirituality -- Sweetgrass, Reserves -- Control by non-Indians, Royal Canadian Mounted Police -- Attitudes toward, Stories and storytelling (General) -- In teaching, Treaty, Jay, Values -- Compared with non-Indians, Values -- Respect, Values -- Retention of, Values -- Sharing, Clark, Joe, Mistawasis Reserve, Saskatchewan, Sandy Lake Reserve, Saskatchewan, Star Blanket Reserve, Saskatchewan, Toronto, Ontario, Turtle Island (North America?), Religion and Spirituality -- Sweat lodge