1981 Elders' Conference 1/4

Tootoosis, Ernest
Boyd, Mani
Wanepee, Johnson
Dog, Barney
Dumont, Jim
Wakegijig, Ron
Pine, Dan
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Canadian Plains Research Centre

A conference discussing Indian and Christian creation myths, reflections on education and religion, comparison of Indian and non-Indian values, and the loss of traditional values and beliefs and the movement to recover them.

20 p. transcript of an Elders conference conducted during August 1981. Tape number IH-OM.13, transcript disc 86.
Agriculture -- Farming, Ceremonies -- Rain Dance (Cree), Children -- Raising of, Disease and illness -- Diabetes, Education -- Advanced, Education -- And cultural suppression, Education -- Residential schools, Education -- Traditional, Elders -- As teachers, Medicine and curing practices -- Western medicine (vs.), Medicine and curing practices -- And plant remedies, Medicine and curing practices -- Ingredients, gathering and preparation of, Medicine and curing practices -- Rituals, Nature -- And Spirituality, Nature -- Rocks, Power -- From fasting, Religion and Spirituality -- Christian religions (vs.), Religion and Spirituality -- Revival of, Spirits -- Nanabush (Ojibway), Spirits -- Wisakedjak (Cree), Stories and storytelling (General) -- Creation myths, Stories and storytelling (General) -- Landscape features, Stories and storytelling (General) -- Tricksters, Values -- Respect