Charlie Chief 2 Interview

Chief, Charlie
Mountain, Mary
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Canadian Plains Research Centre

An interview that describes some boyhood memories. The interviewee also describes two dances, the Give Away and Wolf Feast ceremonies.

8 p. transcript of an interview with Charlie Chief conducted by Mary Mountain on August 8, 1973. Tape number IH-031, transcript disc 13.
Agriculture -- Farming, Boys -- Training of, Ceremonialism -- Dances, Ceremonialism -- Food, Ceremonialism -- Music, Ceremonies -- Give Away Dance (Cree), Ceremonies -- Wolf Feast Ceremony (Cree), Education -- Traditional, Food -- Gathering of, Food -- In ceremonials, Food -- Traditional, Medicine and curing practices -- 'Bad' medicine, Medicine and curing practices -- And plant remedies, Medicine and curing practices -- Salts, Medicine men and women -- Healing by, Medicine men and women -- Payment for, Moose -- Hunting of, Nature -- Respect for, Pipes and smoking -- Pipe-making, Pregnancy and childbirth -- Management of, Religion and Spirituality -- Offerings, Saulteaux Indians, Songs and singing -- Ceremonial, Stories and storytelling -- Hunting, Stories and storytelling (General) -- Treachery and revenge, Trade -- Goods