1982 Elders Conference (1/5)

Wheatley, Ted
Osawamick, Sam
Debassigae, Ernest
Yellowhead, Joe
Assinewe, Kate
Wakegijig, Ron
Atkinson, Herman
Neilson, Charlie
Mecas, James
Pine, Dan
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Canadian Plains Research Centre

A discussion about the construction of log and birch canoes ; the tuberculosis epidemic ; the effects of non-Indians on Indian life style : spiritual values, hunting; fishing; land use, etc.

18 p. transcript of an Elders conference conducted on August 24, 1982. Tape number IH-OM.14, transcript disc 87.
Children -- Raising of, Christian churches -- And Indian religion, Crafts -- Boat building, Death -- Graveyards, grave sites, Death -- Spirits of the dead, Death -- Suicide, Disease and illness -- Tuberculosis, Education -- And cultural suppression, Education -- Traditional, Elders -- As teachers, Elders -- Respect for, Family -- Care of elderly, Fishing -- Techniques, Housing -- Log houses, Hunting -- Regulations, Indian-Federal government relations -- Negotiations, Medicine and curing practices -- And plant remedies, Medicine and curing practices -- Prayer, Medicine men and women -- Powers of, Religion and Spirituality -- Christian religions (vs.), Religion and Spirituality -- Revival of, Reserves -- Loss of, Spirits -- Nanabush (Ojibway), Transportation -- Boat, Values -- Loss of