Archer Library Annual Report 2022-23

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University of Regina Library

Kahkina nitinaweˉmaˉkaninaˉnik Kahkiyaw kiwâhkômâkaninawak Mitákuye oyás’in Tout ki wahkoomitonawn Toutes nos relations ‘All our relations’ – such a simple phrase, yet one with such rich and diverse meanings. When the University of Regina adopted this Indigenous concept of interconnectedness, family, and community for our 2020-2025 strategic plan, it perfectly encapsulated everything that universities and libraries represent and strive to be. This year’s report highlights the many accomplishments of our staff and faculty, but in every case success was predicated on formal and informal relationships that connect all of us as students, researchers, teachers, and active community members.

This report also highlights our donors, whose foresight and generosity will ensure that the collections of the Dr. John Archer Library and Archives, and the new ideas they spark, will extend beyond those singular gifts and create new and unforeseen relations in the near and distant futures. We have also spent time examining the troubled history libraries have with diverse communities, and highlight some of the ways that we are working with academic libraries in western Canada and nationally to repair, strengthen, and foster relations with all of our diverse and unique communities. Finally, we are pleased to profile some of the many students who have engaged with Archer over the past year. These impressive young people are just forming the relations that will connect their past and their future, and we are honoured to have been part of their journey.

No matter how you are connected to the Dr. John Archer Library and Archives, we are glad that we can count you as one of our relations. Brett Waytuck Dean, University Libraries and Archives