Interview with Mrs. Cecile Many Guns (Grassy Water) and Mrs. Annie Buffalo (Bear Child)

Many Guns, Cecile (Grassy Water)
Buffalo, Annie (Bear Child)
Provost, Dila
Yellowhorn, Albert Sr.
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Canadian Plains Research Centre

Discussion of several topics: taking of Treaty #7, boundaries of Peigan Reserve; permit system; traditional curing practices; obtaining paint for ceremonials; significance of rocks in Blackfoot culture; how the Blackfoot learned from the rock spirit how to drive the buffalo over a cliff.

7 p. transcript of an interview with Mrs. Cecile Many Guns (Grassy Water) and Mrs. Annie Buffalo (Bear Child), conducted by Dila Provost and Albert Yellowhorn Sr. on an unknown date, probably between 1973-1979. Tape number IH-AA.236, transcript disc 26.
Buffalo -- Hunting of, Ceremonialism -- Paint and painting, Food -- Rations, Indian Affairs, Department of -- Permit system, Medicine and curing practices -- And plant remedies, Nature -- And Spirituality, Nature -- Rocks, Peigan Reserve -- Boundaries of, Power -- From dreams and visions, Stories and storytelling (General) -- Spirits teach hunting techniques, Tools -- Making of, Tools -- Stone, Treaty #7 -- Interpretation of