Dissident Knowledge in Higher Education

Battiste, Marie
Chomsky, Noam
Denzin, Norman K.
Fine, Michelle
Gill, Rosalind
Grande, Sandy
Hall, Budd L.
Lather, Patti
Leonardo, Zeus
Lincoln, Yvonne S.
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University of Regina Press

I submitted this foreword to Marc Spooner and James McNinch on January 20, 2017, or “j20” to some, as President-Elect Trump was sworn in as the forty-fifth president of the United States amid nationwide protests. The world is in a state of crisis and the United States is no exception. If it is a leading nation of the world, it has not always earned that title for the right reasons. That is, many of the country’s citizens question whether the United States is leading the world in the wrong direction. With the election of Donald Trump, the United States finds itself in a maelstrom of debates, deep insecurities, and divisions it was by and large surprised by and for which it was unpre¬pared.

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