1982 Elders Conference 3/5

Wheatley, Ted
Osawamick, Sam
Debassigae, Ernest
Yellowhead, Joe
Assinewe, Kate
Wakegijig, Ron
Atkinson, Herman
Neilson, Charlie
Mecas, James
Pine, Dan
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Canadian Plains Research Centre

Elders stress the importance of tradition and, in particular, the religious and medical traditions of the Indian people. Accounts of two visits to the world of the dead.

17 p. transcript of an Elders conference conducted during August 1982. Tape number IH-OM.14-2, transcript disc 87.
Alcohol -- Abuse of, Bundles -- Medicine, Ceremonialism -- Language, Christian churches -- And Indian religion, Clothing and personal adornment -- Ceremonial, Death -- Spirits of the dead, Education -- Traditional, Elders -- As teachers, Elders -- Respect for, Indian-Federal government relations, Medicine and curing practices -- Prayer, Medicine men and women -- Powers of, Nature -- And Spirituality, Nature -- Relationship to, Power -- Evil, Power -- From dreams and visions, Power -- Prophets and diviners, Religion and Spirituality -- Christian religions (vs.), Religion and Spirituality -- Four directions, Religion and Spirituality -- Prayer, Religion and Spirituality -- Revival of, Religion and Spirituality -- Sweat lodge, Religion and Spirituality -- Sweetgrass, Spirits -- Spirit helpers, Stories and storytelling (General) -- Death