The western Métis : profile of a people

Douad, Patrick C., 1949-
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University of Regina, Canadian Plains Research Center

Chapter 1: Genesis / Patrick C. Douad -- Chapter 2: The Métis: The People and the Term / John E. Foster -- Chapter 3: Indigenous Knowledge, Literacy and Research on Métissage and Métis Origins on the Saskatchewan River: The Case of the Jerome Family / Ruth Swan and Edward A. Jerome -- Chapter 4: The Northern Great Plains: Pantry of the Northwestern Fur Trade, 1774-1885 / Arthur J. Ray -- Chapter 5: The Twatt Family, 1780-1840: Amerindian, Ethinic Category, or Ethnic Group Identity? / Paul C. Thistle -- Chapter 6: Wintering, the Outsider Adult Male and the Ethnogenesis of the Western Plains Métis / John E. Foster -- Chapter 7: The Market for Métis Lands in Manitoba: An Exploratory Study / Thomas Flanagan -- Chapter 8: Dispossession vs. Accommodation in Plaintiff vs. Defendant Accounts of Métis Dispersal from Manitoba, 1870-1881 / D.N. Sprague -- Chapter 9: Métis Land Claims at St. Laurent: Old Arguments and New Evidence / Thomas Flanagan -- Chapter 10: Thomas Scott and the Daughter of Time / J.M. Bumsted -- Chapter 11: The Charismatic Pattern: Canada's Riel Rebellion of 1885 as a Millenarian Protest Movement / Manfred Mossmann -- Chapter 12: Louis Riel and Sitting Bull's Sioux: Three Lost Letters / David G. McCrady -- Chapter 13: The Battle of Batoche / Walter Hildebrandt -- Chapter 14: Another Father of Confederation? / Allen Ronaghan.

vi, 326 p.
Métis -- Prairie Provinces -- History, Prairie Provinces -- History, Northwest Territories -- Politics and government -- 1870-1905