1983 Elders' Conference 3/5

Wheatley, Ted
Benedict, Ernest
Nogongiig, Angus
Dumont, Jim
Thomas, Johnny
Osawamick, Sam
Fox, Alex
Tootoosis, John
Bruce, Louis
Fiddler, Sid
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Canadian Plains Research Centre

Talks of a prophecy about serpents which will fight over the Earth ; Hopi prophecies about the coming of the white man ; emphasis for unity among Indian peoples ; importance of living in harmony with nature ; and biblical stories through Indian eyes.

20 p. transcript of a conference conducted during August 1983. Tape number IH-AA.15-2, transcript disc 89.
Children -- Raising of, Christian churches -- Attitudes toward, Christian churches -- Belief of, Clans -- Iroquois clans, Hopi Indians, Nature -- And Spirituality, Nature -- Relationship to, Non-Indians -- Prophecies regarding, Power -- Prophets and diviners, Religion and Spirituality -- Prayer, Religion and Spirituality -- Revival of, Resource development -- And environmental damage, Stories and storytelling (General) -- Monsters, Stories and storytelling (General) -- Prophecies, Values -- The right way to live, Women -- As leaders, Women -- Role of, Clear Springs, South Dakota, Sitting Bull