Alphonse Antoine 2

Antoine, Alphonse
Snowsill, Tony
Welsh, Christine
Debassigae, Ernest
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Canadian Plains Research Centre

An interview with Antoine Alphonse who gives an account of his life. Interpreter: Ernest Debassigae ; transcriber: Joanne Greenwood.

37 p. transcript of an interview with Alphonse Antoine conducted by Tony Snowsill and Christine Welsh on April 3, 1984. Tape number IH-OM.01A, transcript disc 79.
Agriculture -- Farming, Agriculture -- Gardening, Alcohol -- Abuse of, Alcohol -- Bootlegging, Chiefs and chieftainship -- Election of, Christian churches -- Catholic, Christian churches -- Attitudes toward, Depression (1930s), Discrimination -- Against Indians, Food -- Rations, Games -- Gambling, Games -- Horse races, Government by Indians -- Band elections, Government by Indians -- Band management, Indian Affairs, Department of -- Indian agents, Iroquois Indians, Land -- Unceded, Missionaries -- Influence of, Police, Provincial -- Attitudes toward, Reserves -- Unceded, Resource development -- And employment, Technological change -- Electricity, Treaties -- Treaty rights, Treaty, Manitoulin Island (1862) -- Payment of treaty money, Values -- Loss of, Values -- Sharing, War of 1812 -- Aftermath of, War, Korean -- Overseas experiences, Work -- For wages, Work -- Shared, Work -- Welfare, World War II -- Overseas experiences, World War II -- Treatment of returning veterans