1980 Elders Conference

Daniels, George
Assinewia, Max
Benedict, Ernest
David, Moses
Dumont, Jim
Wakegijig, Ron
Wheatley, Ted
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Canadian Plains Research Centre

A conference where elders discuss the philosophy and practice of traditional medicine. Stress role of elders in passing on this tradition. Transcribed by Joanne Greenwood.

32 p. transcript of an Elders conference conducted on August 27, 1980 . Tape number IH-OM.12, 12-1 ; transcript disc 85.
Alcohol -- Abuse of, Bundles -- Medicine, Ceremonialism -- Prayer, Children -- Raising of, Disease and illness -- Diabetes, Disease and illness -- Prevention of, Elders -- As teachers, Elders -- Respect for, Medicine and curing practices -- 'Bad' medicine, Medicine and curing practices -- Western medicine (vs.), Medicine and curing practices -- And plant remedies, Medicine and curing practices -- Ingredients, gathering and preparation of, Medicine men and women -- Education of, Medicine men and women -- Payment for, Medicine men and women -- Powers of, Nature -- And Spirituality, Power -- Evil, Power -- From fasting, Religion and Spirituality -- Four directions, Religion and Spirituality -- Offerings, Religion and Spirituality -- Revival of, Reserves -- Divisions within, Resource development -- And environmental damage, Spirits -- Spirit helpers, Values -- Respect, Values -- The right way to live