Alternative Rehabilitation Programs for Correctional Facilities

McInnes, Adam
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University of Regina Graduate Students' Association

There have been several alternative programs implemented in prisons around the world as ways to rehabilitate inmates, some of which have been borrowed or introduced into school systems. Through the use of appropriate motivation, people can be influenced towards making changes in their lives. Nontraditional programs, such as horticultural therapy, animal husbandry and therapy, meditation, fitness and athletics, education and vocational training, and proper nutrition have all shown to be effective towards rehabilitation, improving mental health, and have several cost benefits. Several great programs are already in operation in Canadian correction centres, but there are a limited number of spaces available in those programs due to large incarcerated populations. To that end, this list of programs may provide insight into new approaches that can be operated within existing programs, or as complementary programs that improve the effectiveness of other programs. Some of these programs appear to have been introduced in a limited way to a few women’s prisons in Canada and others to male prisons, however these programs have found a more gender neutral application in other prisons around the world with great success.

Rehabilitation, Prisons, Non-traditional therapies