Canadian Collaborations: Library Communications and Advocacy in the time of COVID-19

Winter, Christina
Swartz, Mark
Owen, Victoria
Ludbrook, Ann
Selman, Brianne
Tiessen, Robert
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The COVID-19 pandemic forced libraries to unexpectedly and suddenly close their physical locations, necessitating a remote working environment and a greater reliance on digital and virtual services. While libraries were in a better position than most sectors due to decades of experience in licensing and acquiring digital content and offering virtual services such as chat reference, there still were some services and resources that traditionally had only been offered in a face-to-face environment, or were available in print only. There were questions in the Canadian library community about how, and if these programs could be delivered online and comply with Canadian copyright law. This article will describe the access and copyright challenges that Canadian libraries faced during the first nine months of the pandemic and will outline the collaborative efforts of the Canadian library copyright community to respond to these challenges.

Originally published in the Journal of Copyright in Education and Librarianship, Vol. 5, Issue 1:
copyright, libraries
Winter, C., Swartz, M., Owen, V., Ludbrook , A., Selman, B., & Tiessen, R. . (2021). Canadian Collaborations: Library Communications and Advocacy in the time of COVID-19. Journal of Copyright in Education & Librarianship, 5(1).