Archer Library Annual Report 2020-21

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Well, that was definitely not the year that any of us were expecting! In last year’s Annual Report, I described the herculean efforts it took for Archer’s faculty and staff to move all of our services and supports online in under three weeks. At that time we hoped the move would be short-lived, and that we would return to full in-person services in three or six months. As we all know now, that proved to be a very optimistic expectation. That optimism, coupled with the dedication, problem-solving abilities, and adaptability of the Archer Library and Archives employees meant that our services, supports, and collections have been available every day of the remote teaching and learning period. A very real and important accomplishment. These same qualities also enabled us to quickly re-open access to the main floor to allow students a safe place to study, to implement curbside pickup for needed research and learning materials, and to dedicate our group study rooms to supporting the writing of online mid-term and final exams.

University of Regina Library