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Goodvoice, Robert
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Canadian Plains Research Centre

He tells a story of a woman who was taken prisoner and carried off to live in an enemy camp; her treachery against her brothers and husband when they came to rescue her; how she was killed by her own mother because of her treachery; her mother's atonement after the killing.

13 p. transcript of an interview with Robert Goodvoice conducted by unknown interviewer sometime between June 15 - October 15, 1977. Tape number IH-110, transcript disc 11.
Adoption -- Intertribal, Containers and utensils, Containers and utensils -- For food, Containers and utensils -- Water bags, Crimes and punishments -- Atonement, reconciliation, Crimes and punishments -- Treachery, Crimes and punishments -- Murder, Crimes and punishments -- Torture, Death -- Cremation, Death -- Customs, Food -- Preparation of, Food -- Preservation of, Marriage -- By capture, Pipes and smoking -- Kinnikinnik, Pipes and smoking -- Sweetgrass, Religion and Spirituality -- Sweetgrass, Spirits -- Guardian spirits, Spirits -- Iktomi (Sioux), Spirits -- Spirit helpers, Spirits -- Spirit powers, Stories and storytelling (General) -- Crime and punishment, Stories and storytelling (General) -- Divining, Stories and storytelling (General) -- Treachery and revenge, Warfare, Intertribal -- Prisoners, treatment of