Clara Pratt interview #1

Pratt, Clara
Cywink, Alex
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Canadian Plains Research Centre

Consists of an interview where she gives a general account of reserve life. She gives a description of Indian games and tells of the establishment of the Gordon Reserve, Saskatchewan

35 p. transcript of an interview with Clara Pratt conducted by Alex Cywink on June 30, 1983. Tape number IH-OT.032, transcript disc 120.
Anderson, Bishop, Day Star Reserve, Saskatchewan, Gordon Reserve, Saskatchewan, Gordon, George, Chief, McNabb, David Thomas, Muskowekwan Reserve, Saskatchewan, Poor Man Reserve, Saskatchewan, Pratt, Charles, Punnichy, Saskatchewan, Agriculture -- Farming, Agriculture -- Livestock, Chiefs and chieftainship -- Choice of, Clothing and personal adornment -- Ceremonial, Dances and dancing -- Social, Education -- Accounts of, Education -- And child labor, Food -- Preservation of, Games -- Arrow, Games -- Koochuck, Games -- Stick games, Gordon Reserve -- Establishment of, Men -- Work of, Money -- Payment of treaty money, Names (Personal) -- Naming ceremonies, Names (Personal) -- Origins of, Names (Place) -- Origins of, Transportation -- Red River cart, Women -- Taboos, World War I -- Overseas experiences, World War II -- Overseas experiences