Workplace Lactation Support Program: An Avenue to Benefit Workplace Settings, Employed Women and Infants

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Employed women are one of those groups who often find it challenging to continue their breastfeeding practices with paid work; hence they often up into stress and role- conflict due to their inability to manage infant’s feeding responsibilities along with employment. Considering the rising trend of women’s labor force participation and gradual decline in breastfeeding prevalence among employed women, in this paper, workplace lactation support program is discussed as an avenue that can not only sustain breastfeeding practices of employed women and improve maternal and child health in a society but can also benefit workplace organizations by enhancing job satisfaction, decreasing absenteeism and lowering turnover rates among female employees.

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Hirani, S. A. (2015). Workplace lactation support program: An avenue to benefit workplace settings, employed women and infants. MOJ Women’s Health, 5 (1), 1-3.