A New Beginning for Wascana Daycare Co-operative

By Crystal Schmalle Posted: October 13, 2016 6:00 a.m.

Wascana Daycare now has double the spaces and numerous upgrades including new playrooms with child friendly amenities.
Wascana Daycare now has double the spaces and numerous upgrades including new playrooms with child friendly amenities. Photo courtesy of Wascana Daycare

The sound of laughter can be heard and the sights of children playing can be found once again at the Wascana Daycare Co-operative on campus.

The daycare is celebrating the end of renovations with an open house October, 15th. The renovations began in August 2015 and the children returned to the daycare February, 2016 but work continued including the outdoor play space.

“We are finally home,” says Lisa Hancock, Director of the Wascana Daycare.

The daycare faced moving the physical space twice between the original location and a temporary space at First Nations University of Canada. The transition was a challenging one for staff, parents and children, but the renovations were worth the wait.

“The indoor renovation has allowed us to provide many more learning experiences for the children. Once the outdoor environment is fully developed, the space will allow for great exploration of the world around them,” says Hancock.

Wascana Daycare is located between the College West building and the Research and Innovation Centre. It now has 90 spaces compared to 45 prior to the building upgrades. Those upgrades include:

  • A new ventilation system.
  • New playrooms with child friendly amenities.
  • Effective and functional learning environments.
  • Building makeover includes new windows and other exterior features.

Emotions ran deep for the children and the staff upon seeing their newly renovated home.

“Jaw dropping” is how Kendra Hoffarth, an educator recalls her reaction to the new building.

“Having a daycare on campus is a life saver,” says Sarah Mackenzie, a 4th year psychology student. Mackenzie is now able to focus on her education and has more time to spend with her children, rather than driving around the city to multiple locations.

The daycare has been on campus since 1975 and serves students as well as faculty and staff. It’s one of two daycares on campus. The other is Awasis Child Care Co-operative, located in the Kisik Tower.

For more information on daycare services offered on campus please visit here.

Event:     Wascana Daycare Open House
Date:       Saturday, October 15th
Time:       Come and go from 7 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Location:  University of Regina (between RIC Building and College West)

The open house includes a tour, silent auction and a 50/50 draw with proceeds going to complete the outdoor play space. For more information please call 306-585-5311